In this tutorial, we show you how to develop a simple REST web application with Cuubez.

Technologies and Tools used in this article:

  1. Cuubez 1.1.1
  2. JDK 1.6
  3. Tomcat 6.0
  4. Maven 3.0.3
  5. Intellij IDEA 13.1.1


Note If you want to know what and how REST works, just search on Google, ton of available resources.

1. Directory Structure

This is the final web project structure of this tutorial.

2. Standard Web Project

Create a standard Maven web project structure.

mvn archetype:generate -DgroupId=com.cuubez -DartifactId=Employee-example 
        -DarchetypeArtifactId=maven-archetype-webapp -DinteractiveMode=false

 Note To support IDEA, use Maven command :

mvn idea:idea


3. Project Dependencies

The recommended way to get started using cuubez-framework in your project is with a dependency management system – the snippet below can be copied and pasted into your build(pom.xml). Need help? See our getting started guides on building with Maven.

File : pom.xml



4. REST Service

Simple REST service with Cuubez

import com.cuubez.example.entity.Employee;

public class EmployeeResource {

    public Response getEmployee(@PathParam("empId") final String empId) {

        Employee employee = new Employee(empId, "jhon powel", "marketing", "No 321, Colombo 4", "+94775993720");
        return Response.ok().entity(employee).build();


5. web.xml

The ContextLoaderListner context listener has to be deployed in order to create the registry for cuubez ,while the ServiceInitiator servlet is used so that incoming requests are correctly routed to the appropriate services. We have configured the specific servlet, named cuubez, to intercept requests under the /rest/ path.

File : web.xml

  <display-name>Employee Example</display-name>







6. Demo

In this example, web request from projectURL/rest/employees will match to EmployeeResource, via @Path("/employees"). And the {empId}from projectURL/rest/employees/{empId} will match to parameter annotated with @PathParam.

URL : http://localhost:8080/employee-example-1.0.0/rest/employees/eId-0001_

Download this Cuubez Employee example -